We Service What We Sell!

• 26-point inspection of our gas, direct vent units performed at trim-out. (Please refer to Checklist (PDF) for details.) 
• Home owner orientation of product, per request

Providing you with quality service after the sale is a priority at Parrish & Company. Whether you're looking to upgrade or replace your fireplace or gas grill product, need an annual service check-up, or need to address an operational issue, we are here to help. Our technical service team undergoes extensive training and is ready to provide you with courteous and professional service. Listed below are some of the services we provide for the products that we sell.

Natural Gas Log Installation - We can provide installation for natural gas log sets bought at Parrish & Company.

Glass Door / Decorative Front Installation
 - We install all glass doors and decorative fronts that we sell at Parrish. Whether you are looking to give your fireplace that "finished" look, or just want to keep the cat out, glass doors and fronts are the perfect option.

Remote Control Installation
 - If you have a natural gas direct vent fireplace that you operate with a wall switch, you may have the option to add a remote control. A remote control gives you the ultimate in convenience by allowing you to turn on the fireplace from almost anywhere in the room.

Fan Kit Installation
 - If you have a certain type of fireplace, you may have the option to add a fan kit or blower. The fan kit circulates room air through the fireplace and blows it back out into the room for enhanced heat output.

Fireplace Tune-Up
 - This is recommended once a year for natural gas fireplaces. Parrish & Company provides fireplace "tune-ups" for all natural gas direct vent and natural gas top vent fireplaces that we sell. See Checklist (PDF) for details on all that a Parrish & Company fireplace tune-up includes. Starting at $149.00*

Gas Log Sets: A Guide to Size and Selection - Determine the optimal size logs for your fireplace. Print this PDF file and complete before consulting the professionals at Parrish. Using these measurements, we can assist you in choosing the proper size gas logs for your fireplace.

Information you should know about burning Gas Logs:

1. IMPORTANT: Your fireplace damper must be fully open when burning gas logs. If the damper is not open, smoke and carbon monoxide from the fire will vent into your home. 

2. Gas Refractory Logs burn at very high temperatures; therefore, glass fireplace doors must always be kept open when burning these logs.

3. It is common for Gas Refractory Logs to accumulate soot and turn a blackish color after they have been burned regularly. 

4. The first time you use your gas logs, it is required to burn them at a low flame for three to four hours. This is a break-in period and only needs to be done once.


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